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Types of packaging

Flexible Packaging.
Advantages of this type of packaging.
Simply off the roll!

Flexible packaging materials from flat, rolled sheet material, “off the roll”, allow the manufacture of a wide range of shapes and sizes of bags and they are also particularly economical.

This packaging is used in virtually all markets for manufacturing consumer products and constitutes an environmentally friendly alternative to bottles, glasses, metals and other ridged volume containers.


Special advantages include, among other:

  • the package is created at the time of filling
  • no separate manufacture, transport, storage and stockpiling of empty containers
  • less material requirement, weight (tare), space and transportation cost
  • easy to dispose of and recycle
  • reliable product protection
  • attractive and printable of the entire pouch surface

In addition, a variety of features is offered in terms of bag design, to configure your packaging to suit needs.

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