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Packaging machines for liquids - liquid products

With over 70 years of experience in single or multi-lane dosing of liquids, HASSIA-REDATRON is your partner when it comes to speed, accuracy, repeatability.

Product characteristics such as specific gravity, temperature or viscosity have a significant influence on the selection of the appropriate dosing system. We supply dosing systems for low viscosities such as emergency water or alcoholic beverages up to high viscosity products such as toothpaste or high fat mayonnaise are successfully run.

HASSIA-REDATRON can look back on decades of experience in the construction of GMP-compliant dosing systems. Our extensive experience in handling low-viscosity, abrasive, stringy, sticky or pasty products in combination with the appropriate packaging machine gives you optimal output with the required production reliability.

The dosing systems from HASSIA-REDATRON are designed for easy, manual or fully automatic cleaning (CIP/SIP) as well as easy maintenance. This provides you with an impressive amount of available run-time for cost-effective packaging.

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