StickPack machine FlexiBag STi 450

Compact in size.
Powerful in performance.


StickPack-Maschine STi 450

A new generation StickPack packaging machine with high output small footprint and great flexibility.

Our reliable machines guarantee highest productivity and dosing accuracies for liquids, granulates and powders. Hassia Redatron stick pack machines stand for highest OEE over decades with 24/7/365 operation.

Key features

  • High nominal output
  • Reliable film run
  • Fast format change
  • Clean packaging material
  • Splicing scanning device
  • Short setup / format changeover times
  • CIP / SIP capabilities
  • Reproducible sealing
  • Schneider/Elau or Rockwell controls
  • Hot filling ~ 92°C
  • Fast cleaning due to excellent accessibility
  • Minimized maintenance costs
  • High quality machine components
  • Various opening solution
Dimensions StickPack/film
Number of lanes, format depending up to 15 -lanes
Format width max. 450 mm
Cross jaw width max. 900 mm
Draw-off length max. 200 mm
Film width max. 900 mm
Film diameter max. 800 mm
Nominal output* (DIN 8743):
Intermittent (STi) ≤ 80 cycles/min

* depending on film, product, sachet size and dosing system

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