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Pouch machines

The tubular pouch is the classic pouch shape from the flat packaging material film roll. The packaging material is guided over the format shoulder, formed directly around the format tube and sealed along its length and its bottom seam. This is then filled with product, the pouch is closed at the head (top) seam and separated from the film tube. Tubular pouch complete!

The tubular bag may furthermore be enhanced with many features, to customize the impact of your product!  For example, chain of bags with cross perforation is easily done. We would be happy to work with you!

Model Format width Number of lanes
FlexiBag Bi/Bc 260 260 mm 1
FlexiBag Bi/Bc 260 Twin 2 x 50 - 80 mm 2
FlexiBag Bi/Bc 400 400 mm 1
FlexiBag Bi/Bc 400 Duplex 2 x 80 - 160 mm 2
FlexiBag Bi/Bc 600 600 mm 1
Pouch with gusseting
Pouch with gusseting
Blockbottom pouch
Blockbottom pouch
Big pouch
Big pouch
3 sides sealed pouch with lateral longitudinal seam
3 sides sealed pouch
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