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Extended CIP/SIP-Possibilities

Automatic change of the cleaning tank

Advantages of the new, flexibly installed CIP-cleaning tank:

  • Cleaning tub installed behind the bag holding device
  • Automatic movement (pneumatic) of the cleaning tank into cleaning position below the filling tubes
  • Automatic movement of the filling tubes (lowering) into the cleaning tank
  • Optional "Pick and Place" is installed on the base of the assembly


Automatic venting of the filling tubes during product changeover

Advantages of automatic, programmed venting of the rotary valve housing after CIP-cleaning or after product changeover:

  • Elimination of air pockets in 8-lane (or more) rotary valves.
  • Placement of one Gemü valve each on the outermost metering lane
  • Programmed elimination of possible air inclusions during start-up of the machine
  • Freely selectable number of cycles for the escape of air inclusions until the machine switches back to production mode
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